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Welcome To The75ive

Here at The75ive I will offer your taste buds an array of flavors that you can't find anywhere else! Specializing in healthy delicious options, where cutting calories never cuts down on flavor. Meal prepping, family sized meals, and local pop-ups all over The75ive is what I'm all about. Never under estimating the sheer pleasure of a cheat day, I also have options that will give you everything you've been craving! All you need do is sit back, relax and let The75ive do the rest! Theres no place like home, you know the vibes!

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1. Check out the menu and make an expert decision on what ride you would like your taste buds to go on. Don't forget to check the75ive instagram account to see if there's any specials! The IG symbol above takes you straight to it!


2. Once you've made your selection pre-pay for it on Cashapp or Venmo with your name in the notes area. 

Cashapp ;; $BIGLydd

Venmo ;; @Lydia-Perry-16


If we have talked about an alternative payment arrangement and you work at STIHL inc. pre-payment does not apply to you.


3. Text the number above with your menu selection, along with your first and last name. If you text the number without a pre-payment your order will be cancelled.

4. You will receive a text back for confirmation within 24 hours! Please keep in mind this is pre-ordering so please allow 48 hours before you receive for order. If you would like to order a family meal or inquire about meal prepping packages please text 757-891-5246 because prices do vary.

5. You will receive a text whenever your food is ready! All orders will be on a delivery/hot spot pickup basis depending on whichever of these 75ive cities you're in! HAPPY ORDERING !

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